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Effective January 2007, regrets that complimentary review services are no longer provided. Additionally we do not accept galleys or ARC's or prewritten reviews -- or provide media placement services, i.e., interviews, article submissions, etc. -- nor are we able to participate in joint ventures or partnerships.

Due to the high volume of people Good Girl reaches, we further regret The Good Girl staff is not able to accept reviews or request to visit websites to check out books, etc. Conversely Good Girl is not seeking selections for Good Girl Picks for the discussion group presently or in the near future. Emails related to any or all of the above will be immediately discarded. Thank you for your cooperation.

If you have accessed GContact regarding an inspirational or faith based book, product, resource, CD, event or ministry that you would like to announce to the Good Girl audience, we highly recommend that you visit our PROMOTE WITH US guide for more information. Please click here for more information:

In addition to Good Girl's promotion and advertising opportunities, The Good Girl Review Service, a low cost fee-based professional review service is available for only $249. (Please read below for clarification.)

PLEASE NOTE: Good Girl is pretty serious about our WORD OF ETHICS.

With Good Girl's WORD OF ETHICS we believe reviews should be transparent and honest. The Good Girl Reviewers will not write about how much a particular book, product, CD or resource is either 1.) it has never been reviewed, or 2.) The Good Girl review staff really didn't love it. When you use The Good Girl Review Service you understand the review is Good Girl's expressed written opinion.

When an advertiser, individual or organization requests The Good Girl Review Service, they can request the review to be either positive, negative, or neutral: neutral meaning either positive or negative. If an advertiser, individual or organization requires the review to be positive, and The Good Girl Reviewers can't stand behind it, we will notify the advertiser, individual or organization before it's posted.

The Good Girl Reviews are accessible (archived) on the site for 6 months after it's posted. Additionally, The Good Girl Reviewers will post reviews to after it's live to the Good Girl site. The Good Girl Reviews will have a small disclaimer letting the public know this was a fee based review. In a nutshell, as an advertiser, individual or organization, please keep in mind that when you submit your fee and place your request, that you are not paying for a review -- good, bad or indifferent, you are paying for the reviewers time experience, efforts and quick turn around time of 3 to 4 weeks from date of receipt. (Most publications require 6 to 8 weeks or as long as 6 months for reviews if they will even do one.) A well written professional review is a powerful marketing tool along with advertising and marketing efforts.

Once reviews are completed The Good Girl Reviewers will email you a copy to post to your website or include in your press kit. The Good Girl brand is influential and will be an added value and benefit to your press kit and website along with any other additional channels you use it for. You may do so as long as the reviewer is sourced and the copyright date remains intact.

To submit your fee of only $249 for The Good Girl Review service, please click the link below. All forms of payment are securely accepted for your convenience.

Note: In the item box, please be sure to include your name, email address and name of book, product or resource.

After fee of only $249 is received you will receive a reply with the Good Girl office mailing address.

Good Girl looks forward to serving either your review and/or advertising and marketing needs!

Thanks for your interest in Good Girl! The #1 Destination for Today's Aspiring Woman.

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