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When Perfect Ain't PossibLE
by Suzette D. Harrison

Reviewed by Sherna Graham for The GOOD GIRL Book Club


“When Perfect Ain’t Possible” written by Suzette Harrison is a perfectly written, down to earth book. With this book Harrison definitely represents a generation that is seasoned with life and experiences, yet, she is successfully able to connect with an audience of readers who are not as mature in age as her characters. Her characters are so realistic in many ways that it is easy to draw a parallel between them and the people in your lives, such as an uncle, auntie or brother. Harrison touches on the practical issues that both men and women encounter when children and ex-spouses are involved. The author also vividly writes of the spiritual formation that one character undergoes that tests the faithfulness and love of God. The dialogue between Harrison’s characters, are outrageously funny and gratefully lacks the flawless romance antics, to create a book that is sensible, but keeps you wanting more. Recommended!

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