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What a Sista Should Do
by Tiffany Warren

Reviewed by Marina Woods


Men, drama, life. Life, men, drama, kids. Whatever the scenario is doesn't always seem to be one thing or another? From the first page TIFFANY WARREN captured my attention and I couldn't put it down. Lord, did she go through some things and make it to the other side with the Lord on her side.

In WHAT A SISTA SHOULD DO, Yvonne Hastings is a minister's wife whose husband's unfaithfulness/extramarital relationship and physical abuse brings their marriage to a crossroads (how she managed to stay with her husband after the very first sign "he was no good" in the earlier part of their relationship/marriage is beyond me). Pam Lyons has a husband (a wanna be record producer basically taking up space in the house she is working to pay for) who places more trust in money, fame and marijuana than in God. Taylor Johnson is a single mother who is looking for a good Christian man to help raise her son, but is unable to rid herself of the guilt left over from her promiscuous past. The secret of Taylor's child's paternity is the catalyst for the tumultuous relationship between the three women (You have got to read the novel to discover who the father really is and why oh why she kept it a secret so long trying to protect a man so unworthy).

IN WHAT A SISTA SHOULD DO, Taylor, Pat and Yvonne learn unforgettable lessons about life, love, forgiveness, unconditional love, prayer, sisterhood and most important of all-loving yourself, letting GOD fight your battles and free you from the chains of your past to prepare you for a glorious future. WHAT A SISTA SHOULD DO does not disappoint and Warren out did herself as a debut author. Check it out and tell a friend!!

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