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Troubled Waters
by Rene Gutteridge

Reviewed by Tyora Moody


Macey Stiegel has a successful anchor job at a Dallas television station. Things are really looking up as a major network contacts her for an interview. Out of the blue, Macey receives news that her father has died. Unfortunately, Macey has not been home in eighteen years. The main reason why she left her hometown in Kansas was to escape her father's wrath. Now she must put her life and career on hold to help her distraught mother. The longer she stays with her mother, the closer she must face the circumstances surrounding her rapid departure and the emptiness inside of her.

Rene Gutteridge's first novel, Ghost Writer was highly acclaimed. While I'm not familiar with her first book, Troubled Waters is a testament to her talents as a writer. From the first chapter, Gutteridge wheels the reader inside Macey's world. She is an ambitous woman, but at the same time she remains mysterious throughout a large majority of the novel. Readers will move forward in ernest seeking answers to Macey's void and her mother's desperate need to connect her daughter back with her deceased father.

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