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To Whom Much is Given
by Maurice M. Gray, Jr.

Reviewer: GGBC MEMBER Tyora Moody

Spiritual gifts are sometimes looked upon as archaic in the modern church. Many Christians think the Holy Spirit only distributed gifts during the early days of the church. In To Whom Much is Given, the author provides the readers with a glimpse of how spiritual gifts can be used in a contemporary setting.

Gray uniquely creates characters that are very familiar in personality. Readers can immediately connect with the tight friendship between Donna and Yolanda and the silly male antics of Max and Fred. From the moment that Max and Donna have their chance meeting in the grocery store, it is non-stop action. These two fall into one adventure after the other---adventures that uncover profound discoveries about each other.

Readers will become intrigued with a fifth character in this novel, a disturbingly bitter woman who seems bent on destruction. Her thirst for destruction and the growing relationship between Max and Donna add up to one suspenseful and thought provoking read!

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