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Throne Room: Ushered into the Presence of God
by Cece Winans

Reviewed by Nellie for The GOOD GIRL Book Club


I received my copy of this pre-release last week and read it much too quickly. It was great. When performing, CeCe has a way of making worship such a personal experience that I often feel as if I am intruding on the intimate relations she is having with the Father. After reading this book, I now know why I often feel that way...because she has an intense love relationship with God thru Christ and when she sings she is "performing for an audience of One."

The book is clear, concise and very easy-to-read. With a subject like worship, simplicity is key. I am glad that the message was not lost in a cloud of "religious" lingo or watered-down by neglecting to mention the personal responsibility that I have to surrender my will to God.

In the book, she describes worship as a lifestyle, one in which you can daily walk in a close relationship with God by keeping your heart focused on God all throughout the day. She gives biblical insight on three vital elements of a true worshipper: confession, surrender and loving God with all of your heart. Although I have heard CeCe for more than twenty years now, last year God has used her relationship with Him (that is so evident in her spirit) to 'cause me to want to know Him that way - i.e. when you see me you see the Father in me.

Reading this book and practicing the things that God has revealed to me, has encouraged me to desire to stay in The Throne Room - and for that, I thank Him!!

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