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Thrive! Seven Strategies for Extraordinary Living
by Felicia Scott

Reviewed by M. Lorraine for The GOOD GIRL Book Club

Are you living beneath what God has for you? Bitterness, shame, guilt, fear, poverty, confusion, sickness and depression are some of the common dis-eases that many women face. Have you wondered how to live victoriously? Have you wondered how to move from mere existing and surviving to thriving? I know I have, and Thrive! Seven Strategies for Extraordinary Living will provide you with the wisdom and encouragement that will empower you to live a life you deserve. Move over, Oprah. Felicia Scott has everything it takes to help women from all walks of life—live their best life! Well written, comforting and inspiring. You will be on your way to emotional healing and wholeness after reading this book. Highly Recommended.

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