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The Oath
by Frank Peretti

Reviewed by Tyora Moody


The Oath begins with a very gruesome bear attack or so it seems at first glance in Hyde River, small mining town. As Steve Benson, investigates the death of his brother, Cliff, certain things don't add up about the presumed bear attack. The longer Steve stays, the more agitated the Hyde River town folk become with his questions. The town folks are obviously scared and have chosen to ignore the "evil" that has clung to the town since it's establishment. This "evil" is slowly revealed in an incredibly scary fashion!

For those who have ever read the book of Revelation, Peretti brings one of the symbolic images to physical life. Peretti's description of the creature is top notch writing. Further use of graphical imagery brings home the message of how deep evil can penetrate one's heart. This novel will give you a lot to think about theogically as well as give you goose bumps. It's definitely not your ordinary Christian novel, but the themes of God's saving grace and evil's powerful attraction will not be missed either.

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