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It All Starts At Home: 15 Reasons to Put Family First
by Larry C. Harris, M.D.

Reviewed by Pamela Perry for The GOOD GIRL Book Club


If you read the classic “Gifted Hands” about African American neurosurgeon, Dr. Ben Carson, then you know the quality of this book. Written by Carson’s college roommate, Dr. Larry Harris, and veteran co-author Cecil Murphey, this book is a real story about a real family. The best team is the home team and that’s where it all starts.

A “must read” for every student during Black History Month, but it’s not just for youth or African Americans. With so many families labeled as dysfunctional, everyone needs to see how a healthy family functions. Harris’ family was not like the Cosby family on television. His parents didn’t even graduate from high school yet raised nine children who all graduated from college and are “still holding on to the Lord, working actively in the church and…helping those in need.”

It All Starts at Home is a collection of life lessons that many adults have forgotten and children don’t know. Harris gives 15 reasons why family should be first – not cash, careers or cars. In the era plagued with family therapists and high divorce rates, this book will reawaken the “mother wit” that keeps families flourishing.

Harris says, “I developed my life philosophy through my strong family ties and friendship with my siblings: Nothing comes easy. Life is about ups and downs, successes and failures. How well we survive depends on how well we can get up when we fall down. The love of God and the love of family are the hydraulic jacks that we need to lift us up.”


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