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Not a Sparrow Falls
by Linda Nichols

Reviewed by Tyora Moody


Linda Nichols introduces a phenomenal story line filled with secrets, pain and revenge. After Mary Bridget's mother passes away, life becomes increasingly difficult. The difficulties literally tear her family apart. Mary falls into the world of drugs through her involvement with a very strange young man. Overcome by the emptiness of her daily life, Mary takes a step of faith and escapes her drug dealing lifestyle for a new life.

To start her new life, she changes her name to Bridie, her mother's name. With a new identity, Bridie (Mary Bridget) settles in Alexandria, VA. By divine circumstances she becomes the nanny in the home of Rev. Alasdair Macpherson. The unhappy minister is a widow and father of three children. Like Bridie, Rev. Macpherson is haunted by his past as well. Between his wife's death and the possible loss of his church, the minister has lost his joy in his calling.

Bridie and Alasdair develop a friendship that ultimately breaks down walls of mistrust and pierce through painful burdens. Even the Macpherson children begin to flourish under Bridie's care. Just as all seems to be flourishing, Bridie's past comes back to haunt her in the worst way.

This is definitley one of those novels once you start reading, you can't stop until the last sentence has been read.. While I love the ending, the experience was so awesome I wanted more. The characters are so well-developed, you find yourself laughing and crying right along with the characters. This reviewer highly recommends you add this to your list of must reads!

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