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Soul Food & Living Water
By Yolanda & William Powell

Reviewed by Pamela Perry for The GOOD GIRL Book Club


Busyness and exhaustion have left many people in a spiritual desert. Drought is prevalent – especially in the African American community. Families are digging deeper into their spiritual roots for solutions, strength, and direction.

The cupboard is bare, but God picks up the tab for spiritual dining. Soul Food & Living Water, a Focus on the Family branded title, provides a smorgasbord of tasty nuggets, meaty morsels and savory sustenance to revive African American families.

Yolanda, a former Urban Family magazine editor, uses sound biblical teaching and real-life examples as she invited readers to “eat well and drink deep.” With strong metaphors of cultural cuisine, the authors describe how many people miss the main “grub” and live off junk food.

The transformation process from overscheduled lives begins when individuals break away from the bondage of overindulgence and carnal entanglements and focus on Christ.

Soul Food & Living Water is a recipe for wholeness with poignant, life-changing revelations about real intimacy with God. For African Americans hungering for more of life, this book provides a wellspring of relief. Reading will voraciously “sop up” its wisdom – leaving a clean plate, full stomach and a changed heart.

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