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Somebody’s Someone
by Regina Louis

Reviewed by Sherna Graham for The GOOD GIRL Book Club


The memoir Somebody’s Someone, provided insight into an experience many of us are uncomfortable imagining and even more, acknowledging that it exist. Regina Louise truthfully does not write a “feel good” or “happy ending” book for readers to walk away from unaffected. On the contrary, she challenges the reader to face the reality experienced by a child when they are discarded by their parents and unwanted by their family. Although this talented author vividly depicted her life for all to read, I dare to say that no words could ever accurately describe her journey through life. I struggled to finish this book due to the realism and authenticity that Somebody’s Someone represented. The only encouragement I received in reading this book was knowing that this little girl I was reading about evidently fought her way to success and did not allow what many would perceive as defeating

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