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Single-Minded Devotion
by Michelle McKinney Hammond

ISBN: 9780736913775

Living in a world more uncertain, frightful, heartless and faithless then ever where do christians turn for answers? God, of course, but what does one do when it clearly feels like He isn't answering or refusing every request one make? Hammond's steps away from her usual message to christian singles to speak to everyone whose felt disappointment and fear of losing their way. Her answer--to focus our concerns not on what we need and want, but on what God wants. The refocusing of our purpose evolves when we turn toward single-minded devotion.

This book is broken down into fifteen spiritual transforming chapters. Each chapter contains short devotions that are based on a lesson, a buttressing biblical scripture, anecdote and prayer.

While reading through "uncovering true relationship" chapter I marvelled at how Hammond weaved all these elements to cover with the perfect messages to ease a concerned soul.

I learned spiritual hangups about myself that were detering me from feeling fulfilled and knowing God's expectation for my life.

Single minded devoton can be used in various ways. Bible study superintendents can assign this book to classes as a yearlong course on spiritual transformation. Sunday school classes can use the book as a course on modern day devotion practices. Prayer cell's can use this book as a prayer calendar. Singles ministries can focus on the sections single or single again and a new level of love. In fact any church ministry can pull a section from Single minded devotion and create an extended course.

I will be using this book until I exhaust every word that draws me closer to God.

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