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Seven Things That Steal Your Joy:
Overcoming Your Obstacles to Happiness

by Joyce Meyer

Reviewed by Cheryl for The GOOD GIRL Book Club

“The joy of the Lord is your strength.” In Seven Things That Steal Your Joy, Meyer, best known for “practical teaching of the Word of God” does not disappoint. The message of this book is one that every believer should discover and apply to their daily lives. With so much going on in the world and in our lives it is so easy to forget to smile, laugh, have peace of mind and enjoy living. This is much easier said than done. Of course, we are not talking about “fake it to you make it joy” but the real joy that comes from having a personal relationship with Christ. By doing this first and foremost everyday, soon you will be overflowing with joy and on your way to a truly happy life no matter what. Easy to read, filled with tips for life application and enlightening—this book is a must read for every woman who wants to breakthrough to a happy life. Highly Recommended.

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