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I Say A Prayer for Me: One Woman’s Life of Faith and Triumph
by Stanice Anderson

Reviewed by Renee' for The GOOD GIRL Book Club


There are self-help books and there are books that actually help you help yourself. I Say A Prayer for Me is a powerful, engaging, life-changing book that you will immediately captivate you. Anderson tells it like it is and openly shares her struggles, her pain, her shame and her ultimate victory won when she accepted Jesus Christ into her heart and life. Maybe you too have felt life given up. Maybe you too have made choices that could have kept you in bondage forever. Maybe you are trying to break free from a sin or sins that you want to be delivered from. No matter where you are in life or if you have already reached the other side, this book will give you hope, understanding, move you to be more compassionate, loving and forgiving not only of others, but of yourself. Equally important, I Say A Prayer for Me will remind you of the power of prayer-- that prayer changes things and that Jesus is just a prayer away. God loves you so very much and Anderson reminds you of it through every written prayer. I highly recommend it. Great work!

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