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Saved in the City
by Jacqueline Thomas

Reviewed by Sabrina Hall


Jacqueline Thomas' latest novel SAVED IN THE CITY focuses on three very different women who meet at an open call for models in New York City. Soon these women are on the path to friendship, excitement and spiritual maturity.

Patterson is a Georgia peach who has dreamed of being a model all of her life. Patterson has led a life thanks to the strict Christian upbringing she has received. Patterson soon learns that despite her solid faith, she is not prepared for the fast pace life of the city with its bright lights, loud music and slick men. Patterson's strict moral values and faith will be tested as she tries to adjust to her new life and her new friends.

Having survived the loss of her husband and friend in a matter of months, LaRue is angry with God. She too moves to New York to pursue a new life. And to run from God, who she feels has let her down. But no matter how fast she runs or where she goes, she finds that she will never be far from Him.

Finally, there is the spoiled rotten Macy who has been pampered all her life. She's been in school for years jumping from major to major as her parents foot the bill for her extravagant life. After failing to graduate once again her parents have had enough. The prospect of having to fund her own lavish life style causes Macy to take LaRue and Patterson in as roommates. Can these three very different women live peacefully together? No! Well, not at first.

Jacqueline Thomas does it again! Thomas delivers another novel that is contemporary, engaging and filled with spiritual insights. SAVED IN THE CITY follows Patterson, LaRue and Macy as they explore friendship, Christianity and personal fulfillment. Thomas created characters that were so real and personable that I found myself laughing and crying right along with them. And in the end, they realized what we all realize: While men and fashions come and go, Christ is the same yesterday, today and forevermore.

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