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God's Purpose for Your Life
by Barbara Wentroble

Reviewed by Tyora Moody


This is the first book I have read that covered the topic of purpose or "calling." The layout of the book is based on Revelations 17:14b, "and they that are with him are called, and chosen and faithful." Using this verse, Wentroble splits the book into three sections:

  • The Called: During this phase, an individual must recognize and respond to the call God has placed on his or her life.
  • The Chosen: Wentroble points out various obstacles that might hinder the indvidual from completing the calling. In this section, she also provides ways to overcome the hinderances.
  • The Faithful: In this last section, a person reaches a level of maturity which allows them to mentor others seeking their calling.

This book was well-laid out. At the end of each chapter a "real story" was included to edify the principles discussed in the chapter. This book is highly recommended to all believers seeking their calling or who have found it and desire to know the next step.

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