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The Prospering Power of Prayer
by Catherine Ponder

Reviewed by Renee’ for The GOOD GIRL Book Club

Ponder writes, “What it takes a person six hours to do could easily be accomplished in only one hour by a person who prayed and meditated first. The Scriptures say, “In all thy getting, get understanding.” For far too long believers have been fed misinformation regarding prosperity which is indeed their spiritual heritage and birthright. Could it be that some of the televangelists who beg for vows and seed turn many away from the truth that shall set them free? Prosperity is defined as wholeness (mental, spiritual, physical and financial) in every area of life. The Prospering Power of Prayer is a “small” easy to read book that has a “big” impact. Grab a copy of this book; grab a highlighter, have an open mind, Love God for who He is, persevere in prayer and you will find your life changing in both inner and outer ways for the better. Highly Recommended!

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