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Prodigal Husband
by Jacquelin Thomas

Reviewer: GGBC MEMBER Dera Williams from Oakland, CA USA

This was a story of faith, trust and forgiveness. What happens when a man abandons his wife at at time when she needs him most? How do you forgive your husband when he breaks his marriage vows. How Jake and Tori overcame is at the heart of this story. I absolutely loved the history and scenery of the Georgia and S.C. coasts, I was there. Jacqueline made it real, The AA history tour and storyline was great with the origins of Africans and the Gullah people.

Reviewer: GGBC MEMBER Kimberley McClure from Troy, AL USA

The book is quite a page turner. Once you start reading it you can forget about putting it down until you reach the end. The author did such a fabulous job keeping my interest in the book. I had to put my life on hold for a whole day just so that I could finish the book. I would advise anyone to read this book. It is good to be able to read a novel that has an inspirational theme. Thank you Jacqueline Thomas. Can't wait to read others that you have written.

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