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Passing by Samaria
by Sharon Ewell Foster

Reviewer: GGBC MEMBER Tyora Moody

Mississippi is the setting for this inspiring, historical novel. Sharon Ewell Foster takes the opportunity to educate readers about the great migration of blacks from the south to the north through the eyes of the main character, Alena. Alena grew up in a happy home where her parents shielded her from much of the prejudice and ugliness around her in Mississippi. When Alena loses her best friend to a horrendous death, her innocent world falls apart.

Desperate to keep her safe from harm, her parents send Alena up north to Chicago to live with her aunt. While safe from harm, Alena still is not safe from the bitter spirit that overwhelms her. She eventually builds a wall around her heart that threatens to destroy her chance at true love.

This is a beautifully written debut novel that boldy uncovers the ugliness that existed between blacks and whites during this time period. The testimonial story of forgiveness unfolds in such a dramatic fashion, readers will never forget the ending.

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