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Necessary Measures
by Hannah Alexander

Reviewed by Tyora Moody


The husband and wife writing team behind the pen name Hannah Alexander have struck gold with Book Two of the Healing Touch Series. Personally, this reviewer has not read the first book in this series, but found this did not effect the reading experience. Those that have read the first book are reintroduced to some of Dogwood Springs citizens. The authors do a great job of catching the first time reader up with background information.

Grant Sheldon, the ER director, at Dogwood Springs Hospital, and his twins Beau and Brooke have setted into their new home. Life has had it's difficulties adjusting to the loss of wife and mother, Anette. Grant and his children have grown to love family friend and nurse, Lauren McCaffery. The relationship between Lauren and the Sheldon family becomes more intertwined when Grant goes out of town, leaving the twins in Lauren's care. The growing drug problem in Dogwood Springs hits too close to home as Beau, Brooke and their friend are endangered.

The pace of the ER was reminiscent of some of today's hottest medical shows on television. Reading the details proved to be very exhilerating especially as the emotions ran high among the staff members. At the same time while the hospital scenes were fast paced, other scenes such as those between Grant and Lauren were favorably slower. The slower pace will allow readers a chance to build up an ernest desire for these two individuals to break past the boundaries of their friendship. Looking forward to the next book in this series!

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