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A Morning Like This
by Deborah Bedford

Reviewed by Tyora Moody


Imagine you have just celebrated your twelfth wedding anniversary. Life is wonderfully beautiful -- until one day, out of the blue -- the past comes back to haunt you in the worst way possible. This happens to David and Abby Treasure.

David has an announcement for Abby, his wife of 12 years. The results of his announcement will bring to light heartache and pain that ordinarily tear even the strongest married couple apart. Abby Treasure finds out her husband had an affair nine years ago while she was pregnant with their son. The woman David had an affair with calls him requesting a meeting. At this meeting, David finds out he has a little girl that he never knew about. Even more devastating, the little girl has leukemia and is in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant. David and his son are prime candidates as donors.

With extraordinary writing, Deborah Bedford delivers a novel that will move the reader emotionally and spiritually. Forgiveness and redemption are powerfully displayed as Abby comes to grips with David's betrayal and the "other" woman, whose child is dying. While this book is fictional, the themes that run througout the novel can surely encourage a real-life married couple going through heartaches in their own marriage.

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