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Mercy, Mercy Me
by Ronn Elmore

Reviewed by Sherna Graham


Ronn Elmore's book Mercy, Mercy Me reveals that even in Christian leadership, fame and success is alluring and has the potential to hinder one's walk with Christ. This book shows the more lucrative picture of ministry and leaders. "Mercy, Mercy Me" is interesting because it gives the readers access to the ministry from a business perspective as well as from a relational aspect. The journey of Dwayne Grandison, the central character, is one similar to that of a bed of water that rises and falls with the change of tide. The theme that I singled out from this book is: the difficulty distinguishing imitation from the real thing. For Dwayne Grandison, or any man caught in the middle of two Christian women it's like trying to decide whether it is a good idea or a God idea.

I enjoyed Mercy, Mercy Me because it teaches that no one is above the ministry of Christ. It also teaches that no matter how good the opportunity or person is to our standards, it is important to wait and trust in God because He wants you to have the best!

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