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Inside of Me: Lessons of Lust,
Love and Redemption

by Shellie Warren

Reviewed by M. Lorraine for The GOOD GIRL Book Club™

Are you dealing with guilt and shame from sexual misuse in the past or present? Do you know someone who is? Inside of Me: Lessons of Lust, Love and Redemption is a book that you do not want to miss. Thought-provoking, eye-opening and truly inspiring, Inside of Me will take you on a journey from self-forgiveness to self-love and courage.

Inside of Me is a treat, it's a treasure and it's a page turner. It's the type of "treating yourself" you cannot afford to pass on. I can tell you how great it is; how much it will inspire you, change your life, uplift your spirit, and also encourage you to value your soul, your body, your mind and your spirit more than any sexual encounter ever could. Are striving to remain sexually pure or considering the discipline of celibacy or desire to heal from past sexual misuse and wonder if it’s really worth it? Read Inside of Me and you’ll have a real, honest answer.


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