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Keep Growing: Turn the Ho-Hum Into a Life-Changing Spiritual Journey
by Poppy Smith

Reviewed by Tyora Moody


As a Christian, maybe you have reached a place where you feel stagnant. You are not on fire for the Lord like you were when you first accepted Christ in your life. Well, this book is for you. Poppy Smith is an "encourager", providing helpful ways to climb out of a spiritually empty life.

The book is split into ten chapters, with the first chapter titled "View Life As An Adventure." Poppy carries the "adventure" theme throughout as she parallels Christian life to Abraham's, Hebrew patriarch, journey of faith. Chapters like "Depend on God's Strength, Not Your Own" or "Consider Conflict as an Opportunity to Grow" are highly recommended. Self-reliance and conflict are two factors that really cause a Christian to pull away from God.

This is a wonderful resource - easy reading and you can return to individual chapters as reminders when you feel yourself slipping again. Scripture and study/discussion questions included within the chapters as well as the end of the book are great for further application.

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