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The Game of Life for Women:
And How to Play It
by Florence Scovel Shinn

Reviewed by Renee’ for The GOOD GIRL Book Club


Shinn is an author whose work transcends time and culture. The Game of Life for Women: And How to Play it is necessary read for today’s woman. Inherently women read numerous magazines and publications to learn how to become more confident, become successful, meet the person they can love forever, develop higher self-esteem, and much more. Why waste the money month after month when you can own such a wonderful, life-changing book that will empower you from day one. Shinn tells stories of how other women have changed their world for the better through the positive power of Jesus Christ, speaking loving and positive thoughts about themselves, and becoming a cheerful giver. Shinn reminds us that the Kingdom of God is within us and God is the source of all our good, and our supply. There really is not anything a woman cannot have if she puts God first and changes her attitude (which shapes her words). Life is a Game and this book teaches you how to play to win!

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