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by Stephanie Perry Moore

Reviewed by Sherna Graham for The GOOD GIRL Book Club


“Flame” is a great book for Christian women older teen to twenty-something. However, everyone can benefit from the story and a good read. It vividly describes the temptations that young people face even in their Christian walk. This is a classic story about sin and redemption. Author Stephanie Moore has descriptively capture the feelings of hurt and pain that can accompany a romantic love without Christ. For young Christian women, this book indubitably proved God’s faithfulness in that when you follow Him, He will indeed give you the desires of your heart. I think it is also important for young Christian women to know that, not every romantic relationship may have a storybook ending such as this one. “Flame” is an enjoyable book that successfully incorporates biblical principals in the face of temptation, from the perspective and experience of today’s young Christian woman.

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