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The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity
by Catherine Ponder

Reviewed by J. Coffey for The GOOD GIRL Book Club


The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity is a powerful book. Often times, people have an averse reaction to the word “prosperity.” What one does not realize is prosperity means wholeness—wholeness in every area of our lives, not just financially. This book will help you to realize how many negative, self-defeating thoughts and behaviors you are holding that are ultimately preventing you from having the good life you so deserve as a child of the living God. Through affirmations, messages on the truth of God and God’s Word, you will come to learn the power of forgiveness; the power of love, the power of prayer, the power of your thoughts, the power of your spoken words, the power of the tithe and so much more. I highly recommend this book for you and those you want to inspire and empower to have a dynamic life of “total life” prosperity: health, peace, happiness, love and financial peace.

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