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Don’t Die in theWinter
Your Season is Coming

by Dr. Millicent Hunter

Reviewed by Latesha Langston for
The Good Girl Book Club™


In this book Dr. Hunter explains our Christian journey as the seasons of life. We must go through the fall and winter in order to get to the spring and summer. She lets us know that our God is a God of season and that every thing is done in His divine timing.

She describes the four seasons of our lives as: Spring is the time when we plant prayer seeds that must be watered and cultivated which will develop into our calling. Summer is light and warm, which can represent no bills and no problems. Fall is a time of pruning. This process is when God is molding and making us so that we will develop the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Winter is an experience that every believer will have. It is a time of endurance. We must prepare for this season spiritual with prayer, fasting and studying the Word, as we would prepare for the harsh cold of the natural winter. Dr. Hunter also stresses that during the intense difficult season of winter, God is often silent. She encourages us that if we do not die in the winter that summer is sure to come.

Don’t Die in the Winter blessed my soul. It reminded me of so many things that we some times forget when we are going through trails and tribulations. As I am now in my winter season, Dr. Hunter’s wisdom and testimony truly encouraged me to hold on because my season will change.



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