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Daughters of the King
by Gail Hayes

Reviewed by Tyora Moody


Image is a key factor in a woman's life! Look how many billions of dollars women invest in the clothing, cosmetic and hair industry. In Daughters of the King, Gail Hayes will show you how your image (fashion style) ties in very closely to your spirit --- after all you were created in the image of God.

After taking the image indicator test, readers will be amazed at how close the image type matches their personality and sense of fashion. I was pleasantly surprised as I read the description for "Jaunty Esprit", one of the image types included in the book. The description was so fitting to my personality!

As a bonus, Gail includes biblical women with the same image type. She also provides advice for interacting with spouses, children and co-workes for each image type. Ladies, you are highly encouraged to get this book and find your personal image type. This book is like no other and is truly a unique guide for understanding yourself in God's eyes.

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