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Cover Girls
by T.D. Jakes

Reviewed by Tyora Moody


For those a little timid about T.D. Jakes jump into fiction, Cover Girls will be a satisfying and inspiring read. The "cover girls" are four women from various walks of life. Michele is ambitious, but carries a bitter chip on her shoulder. Separated from her loving husband, Michele is guilty of not loving herself thus building a formidable wall around herself. Tonya, Michele's supervisor is a hard-working single mother who depends heavily on her faith. On the outside she appears to be a deeply religious women, but she secretly hides her brokeness over her shattered marriage. Mrs. Judson is Michele and Tonya's boss. This wealthy woman has it together at work, but life is a mess on the homefront. The oldest of the four women, Miz Ida, is the "seasoned" veteran of the group.

In true T.D. Jakes fashion, the bestselling author and speaker, "uncovers" pain and promotes healing starting with an unlikely friendship between Michele and Tanya. Michele and Tanya's co-worker, Shadrach, serves as a mediator between the two women, gently encouraging them to reveal their past and move on to a better future. Shadrach's personality is reminiscent of it's author. Another refeshing male character is Michele's husband, who wonderfully represents "the supportive Christian husband". This is definitely a great effort by T.D. Jakes and it serves it's purpose in doing what the man does best - encourage and uplift women!

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