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Choose Me
by Xenia Ruiz

Reviewed by Sabrina Hall


In her FABULOUS debut novel, Xenia Ruiz introduces us to two characters that will stay with you long after you read the last word. Eva Clemente is a professional, saved Afro-Latina woman who is happy with her life. She has survived a failed marriage, a bad relationship, raising two sons and all the drama that can always be found when you have an extended family. And despite the urging of her sister and her best friend, she is uninterested in a relationship with a man. Adam Black is a probation officer and cancer-survivor, carrying a load of bad female experiences. While he adores his mother and his sister, he has a less than positive view of other women.

When these two meet, it is more than obvious that they share a mutual attraction. However, Xenia is reluctant to enter into a relationship with Adam because he is more of a Mr. Right Now than a Mr. Righteous. Adam's life experiences have left he questioning whom God is and why does he allow people to suffer. While Xenia life experiences have made her know who God is and to see suffering as an opportunity to grow spiritually.

There are many underlying themes that run throughout the novel-abstinence, racism, infidelity and spiritual, emotion and physical healing. I found so many things to love about this book. It was a moving and well-written story bout two mature adults who learn more about themselves and each other as they grow close to God. I really loved the author's use of scripture and poetry to move to story along. But the one thing that I really loved about the novel was Adam. Adam is one of the most positive African-American male characters I have read in a long time. As the novel progressed, I fell in love with Adam right along with Eva.

Xenia Ruiz is definitely an author we should keep on our radar. CHOOSE ME is based on her own personal experiences and I admire her courage and honesty in sharing her story.

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