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A Change is Gonna Come
by Jacquelin Thomas

Reviewer: GGBC MEMBER Alexandria Taylor, Chicago, IL

The novel A Change is Gonna Come by Jacquelin Thomas started my Christmas break as I patiently prepared to endure a fourteen-hour drive down south. This book gave me a place to disappear, and also prevented me from sheer boredom as I typically watch the trees and road signs go by. The story was simple and easy to read. I felt like I was on staff at St. Paul Human Services where the novel was set. Each character in the book made me think about my life and the decisions I have made. Ms. Thomas did a great job of bringing the people alive in the story. I was able to get to know the characters and gain insight into their lives.

A Change is Gonna Come reminded me of how human we all are and how we all make mistakes or "fall short." This book made me realize the only thing that redeems us is each other. As we forgive each other, it makes us better in the end. For me a sign of a good book is determined by how I feel when I finish reading it. Do the characters stay with me? Every now and again, I think of how Cordelia, Sabrina, Tangie and Bonnie Mae are doing. I wonder where they are now.

I am pleased to recommend A Change is Gonna come for when you have a free weekend and you want to travel to a small town in North Carolina, work at St. Paul Human Services and meet four great and aspiring women who will change your life while they change theirs, as well as each others. You will not be able to put this book down!

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