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Blind Faith
by Patricia Haley

If you have never considered an interracial relationship as a possibility in your life, Patricia Haley’s “Blind Faith” is a safe opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone. The author’s portrayal of the characters is very convincing and leaves the reader uncertain of the possible twists involved with further reading. Haley created a few note worthy characters in supportive roles along side the main character Courtney that really helped to add life to the story line. There were many touching moments of sisterhood and good advice between the female characters and there were moments that have you doubled over laughing while reading this book. Although I thought this book was entertaining, I did not like the additional surprise piece at the end for one of the characters. As a reader who may struggle with the idea of an interracial relationship, it almost forces one to “accept” the relationship simply by default. I would have enjoyed the book even more if I were left to struggle with my own thoughts and new insight concerning love and race. I did, however, appreciate the unrelenting faith Sebastian had for God and his desire to serve Him. It is delightful to read of men who are praying for their helpmate as fervently as women often do.

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