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Awakening Mercy
by Angela Benson

Reviewer: GGBC MEMBER Tyora Moody

But if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins. --- Matthew 6:15

In Awakening Mercy by Angela Benson, the storyline is a familiar daily occurrence. A young woman, CeCe, engages in premarital sex with her first love. When CeCe discovers she is pregnant, she anticipates marriage and a happy life with the young man in her life. Unfortunately, she finds herself years later a single mom with bitter memories and a hard heart towards men.

Only through circumstances that have been divinely orchestrated, CeCe meets the dashingly handsome Nate. Nate has been wounded himself by a failed marriage. Despite some trepidation, this couple discovers true friendship and a budding romance as they both take the initiative to let God lead their relationship. The true test of a relationship's longevity depends heavily on the couple's crisis management skills. As CeCe's past comes back to haunt her full circle, her struggles cause a strain on the relationship.

Angela Benson magnificently weaves a romantic storyline that embraces the power of forgiveness. The final outcome of this novel will motivate readers to examine their own past disappointments, learn how to forgive and move forward to the life God intended.

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