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by Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye

Reviewed by N. Lord


Jerry Jenkins continues to bring drama to the Left Behind series with each book. And "Armageddon," the latest installation in this series, proves to be no different. This one is a page-turner just like the 10 before it! The surprises, the emotions, the "what-happens-next" elements in this book are phenomenal. The events leading to the "Battle of the Ages" will give you a sense of urgency, so much so that YOU will find yourself anticipating the actual return of the Lord Jesus Christ! Jenkins does a wonderful job of painting the pages of this book with humor, drama, and action while continuing to strategically incorporate the all-important Gospel message throughout the story.

The last of the last days are occurring in "Armageddon," You wouldn't want to miss what happens with Rayford, Chloe, Buck, Tsion, and the rest of the believers as the Glorious Appearing draws near! And the cliffhanger at the end will almost make you want to fastforward time to get your hands - and eyes - on the 12th and final book...

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