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Approval Addiction: Overcoming Your Need to Please Everyone by Joyce Meyer

Reviewed by Marina Woods


In Approval Addiction Joyce Meyer encourages and implores readers to overcome the need to please. The need to please is something that runs very rampant in our society (minus those who have a need to be selfish). Whether it's at work, at home, at church or relationships with family and friends, the need to be please is a silent killer.

Meyer guides and coaches readers to realize how potentially damaging APPROVAL ADDICTION is, not just for the individual but for those they are trying so hard to please. In addition, Meyer helps readers find and eliminate their root cause of APPROVAL ADDICTION and how to rely on the Lord completely instead of the approval of others. When readers realize that they are 1) fearfully and wonderfully made and 2) that God loves them unconditionally and 3) they are rooted in righteousness, they will wonder why they spent so much time seeking or needing the approval of others when liberty in Christ was on the other side.

APPROVAL ADDICTION IS LIFE CHANGING, EMPOWERING AND WORTH EVERY PENNY. Whether you are a seeker, a believer (or not) grab a copy today, read it and watch how much happier and freer you are as a result. Perfect for everyone!

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