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Ain't No River
by Sharon Ewell Foster

Reviewer: GGBC MEMBER Tyora Moody

If you were deeply moved by Sharon Ewell Foster's Passing By Samaria, you will love her second novel, "Ain't No River." Foster's humourously entertaining novel introduces characters who are going through life altering experiences that ultimately lead to not only redemption but unexpected romance. This is truly a beautiful novel that tackles many topics such teenage pregnancy, religion, and relationships.

The main character, Garvin, is a successful African American lawyer. Life has been going well for the self-absorbed Garvin until she gets a difficult case that threatens her job security. While dealing with her job crisis, she discovers the one person she loves the most, her Mee Maw, seems to be heading towards serious trouble. A young, handsome ex-football player, Go-Go Walker, has captured her grandmother's (Mee Maw) heart. With her take charge attitude, Garvin travels back to her childhood home to save her grandmother from this "playa's" grasp.

During Garvin's visit, readers will meet a host of well-developed characters in this novel, each with his or her own painful troubles. Foster makes it extremely easy for the reader to relate to all the characters and feel their pain. The best parts of the novel is reading how characters come to the realization that they are missing an important piece in their puzzled lives...God. There are so many lessons (as well as some shedded tears) the reader will experience right along with these characters.

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