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Ain't No Mountain
by Sharon Ewell Foster

Reviewed by Sherna Graham


Oh my! What a delightful novel Ain't No Mountain is. Sharon Ewel Foster is a gifted wordsmith-not only is every novel [Passing by Samaria and Ain't No River] that Foster has penned, engaging, entertaining and life-changing-Foster has an amazing way of weaving plots, Biblical stories, scenes, settings and characters that are so indescribably believable, that you will actually feel like you are walking through the story, too. One of the greatest qualities that she has as a writer (apart from the above) is the distinct way she conveys the truth about God (and striving for holiness and finding hope in and through Him) without sounding as if she is pointing her finger at you. No fire and brimstone here-but the love of God is not to be missed. I won't give the storyline away---Come on in and meet Mary, Puddin' and Moor-you'll cry, you'll laugh and you'll want to read this novel twice!

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