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Apocalypse Dawn
by Mel Odom

Reviewed by N. Lord


The first spin off from the Left Behind series, Apocalypse Dawn peaks as it paints vivid pictures of breath-taking military battle scenes ... and at the most unexpected time, in the midst of warfare, the Rapture of the Church occurs! Many people are left astonished as they see their comrades disappear before their very eyes; their clothes suddenly left in piles on military fighter choppers, army fatigues left on the battle field, and so much more! In the midst of an intense war, bullets and missiles fly as soldiers fight for their lives as they deal with what just happened! Was it the results of an enemy weapon, or was it more than that? As they come to find out that this has occurred all over the world, questions and confusion really start to mount up! And let us not forget to mention that Nicolae Carpathia is on the scene. Left Behind fans: Get ready to experience fresh, new events during the earth's last days, with new characters, as well as with some familiar ones!

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