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Abiding Hope
by Angela Benson

Reviewed by Tyora Moody


And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love. (1 Corinthians 13:13)

What a powerful story of love, hope and faith Angela Benson has woven in Abiding Hope. If you read Awakening Mercy, you will be reintroduced to Marvin and Shay. We found out in the previous "Genesis House" novel, that this couple suffered a tremendous tragedy, the loss of their only son. After a separation, the two start their life again. At the beginning of this novel, the couple is relocating from Atlanta to Mississippi to start another Genesis House.

At some point in a relationship, a married couple (any couple) will be put to the test. The success of the marriage depends on how the couple handles conflicts and trials. The bliss of this renewed marriage is threatened when Shay becomes pregnant. Shay had been longing for another child and is overjoyed. Unfortunately, Marvin does not respond in the same way. Marvin's fear and reactions to this new child places a wedge between the couple. As this wedge gets deeper and deeper, Shay and Marvin must learn the hard way that their problems not only effect them but those around them.

The author does a great job NOT be one-sided in this novel. She could have easily pulled the reader to the expectant mother's side (especially those desiring children like this reader). You can easily think of Marvin as being overly silly and doubting God, but the author pushes the reader to view both sides. There is always two sides to a coin. I love how Benson brings the husband and wife to this realization.

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