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The Five Love Languages for Singles
by Dr. Gary Chapman

Reviewed by Latesa for The GOOD GIRL Book Club ™

As an unmarried person, you’ve probably noticed this is a couple’s driven society. There are a myriad of books about dating, not dating, how to choose a mate and getting married but very few address the issue of living the single life victoriously. In enters Dr. Gary Chapman, creator and author of the Five Love Languages series with a wonderful, thought-provoking and encouraging book about the five love languages (Gifts, Quality Time, Physical Touch, Affirmation and Service), and how identify yours as a single as well as apply it to daily life. This book and its message are timely and long overdue. Whether you are unmarried, dating, divorced or widowed, this book will help you on your journey. The Five Love Languages for Singles will also help you to effectively communicate as well as show love to those God has placed in your life-personally and professionally. Consider sharing this book with a friend or in a small group setting as well.


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