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Second Sunday
by Michele Andrea Bowen

Reviewed by Sherna Graham


Michele Bowen's "Second Sunday" really depicts the discord, deceit and chaos that can happen even within the church. There is never a dull moment with any of the characters. Bowen keeps the book engaging by having multiple perspectives. Some of the situations in the book will have you sprawled out on the floor laughing, while others will have you curled up in a ball crying. To watch God work in situations and people like those portrayed in "Second Sunday," is nothing short of amazing!

It is interesting to experience the dynamics of the church not only from the pews but from behind the pulpit. This book teaches the lesson of what it means when we as Christians do not have pure intentions when doing the work of the Lord's. "Second Sunday" is also a story of forgiveness, love, old-style prayer and fervent worship. This book illustrates that God is the director, and He is always in control behind the scenes and the schemes. This is definitely an entertaining book about church folks!

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