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a goodgirls read together

by Emma Dash

Greetings and Happy New Years Diva Chicas,

I'm Emma Dash(Em for short,) the newest Good Girl Magazine gal pal addition, and we are going to be fast friends. I know this because-- like me-- you enjoy a great read, have great faith and can't get enough of good godly men. I love men, not just any man, but God honoring, treat their Mama like a queen, smelling of vanilla kind of man. So please believe when Christian actor, songbird Tony Grant serenaded to me that he would be playing lead in Tyler Perry's new stageplay, "The Marriage Counselor" I gave Marina Woods a hallelujah hand slap. The play hits the stage this month, but, angels...get your tickets now. Any chance to see TP in person is a chance many Diva Chicas will line up -NO-break in line to take.

And if you haven't had enough Tyler Perry pie, then get ready for Meet the Browns the Movie to hit the theatres in March. Angela Bassett has the title role, the story is about a single mother who finds faith, family and a first real women's love. TP's 2007 hit stage play, What's Done in the Dark hits the DVD aisle along with his blockbuster winter wonderland, Why Did I Get Married? the Movie DVD just before Valentine's Day. So if you need a date...

Speaking of hardworking, heartstopping, painstakingly handsome Christian men have you seen the movie Bella? Not only is this story beautiful and what a love story should be, the story behind the story of the making of this movie is something else. Actor Eduardo Versateugui decided to take his People's Most Beautiful status to The Master's Artist most Beautiful when he left Hollywood Glam for Christian film making.

With such a compelling cinematic story being told in theatres nationwide who better than Women of Faith's Phenomenal Writer, Lisa Samson to novelize the version for our reading pleasure. The DVD and the novel are scheduled to be released in May just in time for a great beach read and a nice Mother's Day gift. Hint, hint.

But Lisa has another book in her Goodie Bag that we could cozy up to in February(along with TP) Embrace Me. No, not me. Embrace Me is the name of Lisa's new book also about love with an unconventional pair, a hippie pastor. This love story is tear jerker, too, so keep your Kleenex's nearby.

Yet, the Good Men keep coming. Creston Mapes's sleuth novel, Nobody gets a second print run just in case you gave your copy away. This book is so good American Christian Fiction Writers voted it book of the month. Let me clue you in on something. ACFW is mostly Good Girls. Like I said we love the Good Men.

Another Hallelujah Handclap for C. Kelly Robinson. Robinson's two year retirement wasn't that at all. Actually, this male romance author saw the light. His latest novel The Things We Do for Love isn't about sex, but God. Yes! C. Kelly is now Xavier Knight, Christian fiction romance author. Don't you hear the angels singing?

Afterall a good man is hard to find. And when we find one, sometimes our guards are up. Right ladies. New Spirit author, Kim Brooks understands your reservations. Watch out for He's Saved...But is He for Real? I have a guy friend who is too perfect to be true. Won't flirt with him if my life depended on it. But who knows with great men like this in my sights. I might have a change of heart. What do you think?

Missing you until next month,

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