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A Spiritual Journey with Wings of Grace

BET BOOKS/New Spirit and author Vanessa Davis Griggs reunite readers with the return of Pastor George Landris along with a choir full of folks. In Wings of Grace, the eagerly anticipated follow-up novel to Promises Beyond Jordan, Pastor Landris shares the spotlight with a family of strong-willed, true to life women who must try to overcome wounded spirits and severed ties.

Griggs, an Alabama native, presently resides just outside of Birmingham. A former BellSouth employee, she stepped out on faith and left 18 years of service in 1996 to pursue her true purpose and passion: writing and speaking. But don’t let her size fool you. She is full of spirit and power that you recognize instantly could only come from God. Griggs travels the U.S. as she motivates and encourages people of all ages, race, and gender, to not only follow their dreams, but to do it with “A Spirit of Excellence.”

“I believe God has placed a purpose in each of us: a specific assignment as unique and fabulous as each individual,” Griggs said. “I merely encourage people to actively pursue what they came to this earth to do, and to do it with all their heart.”

She’s the first to admit her favorite place to speak is in a church-type setting. “There, I can speak freely from my heart and talk about God’s power and goodness.” She is versatile enough though to speak at schools, colleges, and to business groups while using her own special flavor to convey audience-driven, inspirational, and uplifting messages.

Wings of Grace picks up where Promises Beyond Jordan ended. Because Lena Patterson never enjoyed a fulfilling relationship with her mother, she is determined to break the cycle and be there one-hundred percent for her now-pregnant daughter, Theresa. Raised by her strong and loving grandmother, Lena looks forward to playing a central role in her own grandchild's life. When an older woman shows up on Theresa's doorstep looking for Lena, Lena is dubious, convinced that the woman is just looking to get her hands on an heirloom necklace. As painful memories from the distant past re-emerge, the ties that bind a mother to her daughter seem primed to endure a wrenching test.

Meanwhile, wedding bells are fast approaching for Pastor Landris. But circumstances are taking shape that threatens to place Landris’ pastorship, and his life, in grave jeopardy. Johnnie Mae Taylor, for her part, has embarked on a journey of her own. Performing research for an upcoming book, she crosses paths with Sarah Fleming, an old woman whose story will expose a range of startling truths and, ultimately, reshape the nature of Johnnie Mae's faith.

“Vanessa Davis Griggs is a natural born storyteller,” declares BET/New Spirit Senior Editor, Glenda Howard. “Her writing is full of imagination and Christian spirit. She has delivered another uplifting read.”

Richly populated with complex, unforgettable characters, Wings of Grace is a fresh and engaging novel, Griggs’ finest to date.

When asked about Wings of Grace, Griggs beams. “I absolutely loved writing this book! It’s the book I wanted to write. I did a lot of research to ensure certain settings were accurate. My goals are to be true to the story and to give readers an experience that will cause them to believe I have been honest with them. I want them to feel inspired while being engagingly entertained by a story they believe to ring true.”

Every chapter in Wings of Grace begins with a Biblical quote, unquestionably a unique and uplifting way to introduce a chapter. Shades of Romance Magazine’s editor and publisher (, LaShaunda C. Hoffman, admits to staying up until 2 a.m. reading Wings of Grace. “So much conflict had me turning the pages. The book is a perfect example of Christian fiction.” A Booklist review stated, “This novel includes generations of spirituality, mystery, history, and racial conflict.” The reviewer went on to declare Wings of Grace a “. . . well-written narrative.”

Griggs is excited that her latest novel (which she says is not per se a “romance” book) is receiving tremendous accolades from the romance community. The Road to Romance ( highly recommended the book and bestowed upon it a Reviewer’s Choice Award. Romantic Times Magazine rated it 4 ½ stars (Fantastic) and wrote, “Wings of Grace is an enthralling story. Excellent plot layering, compassionate characters and a strong faith message make this book a page-turning adventure.” gave it 5 stars. “I was absorbed with the way she incorporated the lessons of faith, love, forgiveness and family within this novel alongside a cast of unforgettable characters. This is a great read,” the reviewer stated.

“Some Christians will tear a book down if it simply alludes to a tender, loving moment even between a husband and wife,” Griggs says. “I would never deliberately be disrespectful, because whatever I write, I want my mother to be able to read it without feeling the least bit uncomfortable or embarrassed. But I do like to keep my stories real. God is still my source and that means in every aspect of my life, including what He directs me to write. You should see me and God arguing about what will be in the book. He always wins in spite of my compelling objections,” she says with a laugh.

There is a tastefully, romantic scene in Wings of Grace reverently done. So what’s Griggs’ response to those who are adamant about ever reading a book with any hint of a sexual encounter in it?

“No disrespect, but maybe that’s why some Christians don’t read much of the Bible,” she says. “Now you want to talk about a great read touching several themes and crossing all genres, then check out the B-i-b-l-e. It truly has it all! I guarantee that.”

Griggs shared one other achievement she’s proud of concerning her latest release. “The audio rights for Wings of Grace were bought by Recorded Books. That’s truly a blessing! It’s just God showing Himself faithful and showing Himself strong. Here’s a novel with scriptures, sermons, and the Word of God throughout, proving that you don’t have to sell out. Promotion comes from God.”

Wings of GraceWings of Grace is available from your favorite book seller. “If they don’t have the book on the shelf or in stock, ask them to order it for you,” Griggs says. “Forget about Harry Potter, we know who the true POTTER is!”

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