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Interview with Terrie Williams
author of A Plentiful Harvest

GGBC: Terrie, could you share with us what inspired you to write, A Plentiful Harvest?

Williams: I felt that there was something tugging at me from the inside; I felt like I needed to write this book. From the outside I had the appearance that everything was going well, but that's not how I felt. I wasn't happy.

GGBC: Please briefly highlight the seven living virtues.

Williams: Sure, they are:

  • Calling: Knowledge of your life's true purpose. If your principles and goals are clear; you never have to fly by the seat of your pants.

  • Responsibility: Accepting the duties and obligations in our life today.

  • Thrift: Thrift is not penny-pinching or austerity, it's thinking beforeyou spend.

  • Love: The self-determination that grows from, even depends on,self-love.

  • Community: The group you see yourself as part of, which you constituteby choice.

  • Spirituality: Connecting with the power of energy beyond ourselves that infuses the best in us to do our best in any situation.

  • Creativity: The key virtue of creativity is honoring and channeling of that impulse in our daily lives. It's taking pictures, bringing in flowers from outside, putting pebbles in a bowl of water, singing to someone we love, dancing around the living room.

GGBC: How can women begin to rediscover joy; meaning and balance in their lives by incorporating the seven living virtues?

Williams: Begin by taking a step outside of yourself. This helps in seeing the bigger picture & noticing what's missing. From there, take small steps. For one week, practicing focusing on one virtue for each day of the week. You should begin to feel differently & will learn more about yourself in the process.

GGBC: What are some of the things you feel women can to do to “save” themselves before they bottom out? Or, is bottoming out necessary for introspection and a new resolve?

Williams: We don't have to hit rock bottom before we pull ourselves together. Unfortunately, "bottoming-out" often happens because we are neglecting ourselves, and ignoring the signs God is sending us that we are approaching a burn-out point.

GGBC: Please share with us, Terrie, how the structure of “A Plentiful Harvest” reflects the seasons of our lives? Why are these seasons important to personal growth and spiritual development?

Williams: Everything works in cycles, the earth, the seasons, and us. The virtues highlighted in "A Plentiful Harvest" speak to various aspects of our lives; our emotional, mental, social, financial & spiritual health and well-being. If one area is unbalanced, they all become affected; this is why it is so important to find happy mediums (balance).

GGBC: In what ways can we begin to distinguish our career aspirations from our calling?

Williams: Career aspirations are goals that you have set for yourself. Your calling is the path that has already been chosen for you by God, and is what makes you special. We need to look to the Creator if we are trying to find our calling. He has all the answers.

GGBC: In “ A Plentiful Harvest” responsibility is one of the seven living virtues. What is the difference between “taking care of others” and losing ourselves?

Williams: Taking care of others is having a kind and  caring heart toward others. Itdoes not mean neglecting yourself in the process. Think about when you're on a plane preparing for take-off. You are given instructions on how to use an oxygen mask, if the need arises. They tell you to place the mask over your own mouth first, then if you have a small child or adult requiring assistance, you place the mask over theirs. It's simple, how can you help someone else if you're dying (mentally, emotionally, spiritually) yourself?

GGBC: : Terrie, in this fast-paced society, how does a person begin to take steps to clarify what they want and what they really desire?

Williams: Take quiet time for yourself. Ask God to guide you. Also, go out and see/do/experience different things. Your dreams are as limited as you make them, there really is no limit. Perhaps your true desire is out there waiting to be discovered.

GGBC: One of the living virtues that I am enjoying working through is “Thriftiness”. How can thriftiness help us enjoy personal freedom?

Williams: We live in a materialistic society, spending money we don't have, on things we don’t need. We think that we'll find happiness as soon as we buy that home/car/extensive wardrobe. Spending money is not the answer; it's a road that leads to numerous bills! Being thrifty is one step towards taking charge of your finances, this is one step closer to leading a balanced life.

GGBC: Journaling is an integral part of working through the seven living virtues on a daily basis. How has journaling affected your life and why is it important to steal away to do so?

Williams: Writing helps me clarify my thoughts and goals, which in turn helps me create a game plan for my life- what do I want to accomplish & how do I intend to do it? Giving voice to what you believe is powerful. If you say it is, then it is.

GGBC: In your opinion, do you feel that self-love and self-acceptance are the missing links to high self-esteem and confidence?

Williams: Yes, you must love yourself first and  foremost to project an air of confidence to the world. If you don't believe in yourself, no one else will. And the thing is all you really have to do is show up-- it (your life) is already written.

GGBC: Terrie, could you share with us some of the ways we can begin to connect with others and overcome a sense of isolation, loneliness and alienation?

Williams: Step outside of your comfort zone. You should wake up every day with butterflies in your stomach; otherwise you are going through life being pathetic, or you are flat-lining. There's a difference between existing and living. The butterflies are a sign that you're taking your game to the next level, which is a great thing. 

GGBC: In “A Plentiful Harvest” you discuss religion vs. spirituality? Why is important to get in touch with our spiritual selves?

Williams: We've been made in His image & likeness. There is a part of Him that lies within all of us. We need to be in tune with ourselves to be in tune with Him & vice versa. Once again, He has all the answers you need.

GGBC:   As a creative person, I truly enjoyed reading about living virtue seven, creativity. Why do you feel creativity is the most powerful and rewarding living virtue of them all?

Williams: Creativity is fun. It's finding something you love doing and  sharing it with others. Whether it's writing, teaching, or making gift baskets, you're giving the gift of you to the world. When you give to others, you are the one who gets the gift. Doesn't it make you feel good to know that you've made someone smile, if only momentarily. Knowing you've done that is a gift in itself.



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