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A Conversation with Terri McFaddin
author of Sapphire and Other Precious Jewels

GGBC: What was your inspiration to write Sapphires and Other Precious Jewels?

TM: I wanted to write a book that would make women of African ancestry feel both powerful and beautiful. Nothing coveys this more than jewels.

GGBC: How should women of color feel after reading this book?

TM: I really cannot speak for another woman's feelings. But the women that have already read the book seem to be especially impacted by a sense of discovering their own unique type of beauty and value.

GGBC: How does one determine which jewel they are?

TM: Reading about the characteristics of jewels is like looking into a mirror. When you read about a certain jewel that reflects your personality, you will gravitate to that jewel. For example, I have a friend that is very outgoing and successful. When she read about the diamond, she instantly said, "That's me! I'm like a diamond!"

GGBC: Which jewel would you say you are?

TM: I can see certain personal characteristics in several of the jewels but if I had to pick one that is more like me than the others, I would say it is the ruby. I love to loose myself in praise. And I strive to be a virtuous woman.

GGBC: Can you explain how contemporary media has affected the self-esteem of many women of color?

TM: This has been a challenge for all women - no matter what color they are. African woman often have thick frame and protruding buttocks. This is almost an anti-type of beauty when we look at the tall slim (anorexic) movie stars and fashion model types. The second problem is the emphasis on youth. According to popular media, women are over the hill at thirty. In reality, age 30 is the time when beauty and wisdom begin to align in such a way those women can really begin to experience success in their personal life and their careers.

GGBC: Do you think women of any color can relate to this book if they have had to overcome adversities in their life?

TM: Race only plays a small part in the Sapphire book. Most women of every race are like jewels that need just the right type of shaping, polishing and setting. I am certain that all women can read this book and be blessed.



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