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Dr. Suzan D. Johnson CookSuzan Johnson Cook is a Senior Pastor at the Believers Christian Fellowship, which she founded in the Bronx in 1996 after serving as the pastor at the Mariners' Temple Baptist Church in downtown Manhattan for 13 years and growing their membership exponentially. A powerful preacher, Dr. Johnson Cook was recently described in The New York Times as "Billy Graham and Oprah rolled into one."

In 2002, Johnson Cook became the first woman to be elected president of the 10,000 member Hampton (Virginia) University Ministries' Conference, which represents all the historically African-American denominations. Her long lists of other firsts includes: the first African-American woman called to serve as pastor in the American Baptist Church movement; the first woman appointed chaplain of the New York City Police Department; the first woman from the Bronx and the first woman Baptist Minister to receive a White House Fellowship and serve as a Domestic Policy Advisor under President Bill Clinton.

A New Dating AttitudeFeatured by Ebony Magazine in 1997 as one of the nation's top 15 women in ministry, Johnson Cook is the author of six successful books, including A New Dating Attitude – Getting Ready For The Mate God Has For You (Zondervan: 2000). A faculty member and graduate of Harvard University she also received a Doctor of Ministry degree from United Theological Seminary (Dayton, OH '91), a Master of Divinity degree from Union Theological Seminary and a Master of Arts from Columbia University.

Reverend Dr. Suzan D. Johnson Cook is currently touring nationally with Bishop T.D. Jakes and the God's Leading Ladies Conference around the nation.

Sujay advocates that woman must become "Ms. Right" before she can find "Mr. Right." These spiritual teachings and life lessons learned by the author and others in her life show how healing and victory can come for those who are willing to wait on God, receive God’s teaching, and develop new attitudes toward themselves and in their relationships.

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