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Interview with Marina Woods, 
Editor-N-Chief of Good Girl Book Club

About a year and a half ago, I zealously read secular novels. As I grew in my walk with Christ, I became increasingly uncomfortable with reading some of my favorite authors. Precisely around the same time, I was approached via email by Marina Woods. She had a vision that involved creating an online book club for Christian women. We worked together creating a Web site and promoting the club. Through Marina's insight I have discovered the world of Christian fiction and picked up some new favorite authors.;

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am a native Chicagoan where I attended North Park University and received my B.A. in communications arts. I diligently sought the Lord for ways He could use my skills, strengths and talents to not only bless people but also empower them to enrich their leisure time. It was not long after He gave me the vision for Good Girl Book Club which I love!

Tell us about your Web site and why you decided to create it? is an online Christian/inspirational book lovers portal for young and adult aspiring Christian women. I felt called to create Good Girl because as a Christian I realized that the majority of literature that I was reading was secular and it was not feeding me, inspiring me or helping me to grow spiritually. As they say, what goes in comes out!

 It was then I began to revisit the books on my bookshelf that were not only great reading material, but also renewed my hope in the power of God's love in every situation from romance to overcoming a setback! Good Girl Book Club was a divine inspiration and the Lord reminded me that someone else in the world had the same desire to read inspirational books. 

So, I asked to broaden my horizons, for His provision for the vision thus, GoodGirlBookClubOnline was birthed. I was just the willing vessel who loved books.

How can members join and participate in the online  book club?

New members can join by visiting the Web site's membership page at They can also learn more about the club including our mission, past books we have read and our upcoming chats.

Since you are editor-n-chief of a book club, who are  your favorite authors?

It's challenging for me to pick a favorite. It really is. Each of the books that we receive and review have their own voice and edify me differently. 

Some of my favorite fiction authors are Victoria Christopher Murray, Sharon Ewell Foster, Liz Curtis Higgs, Francine Rivers, Terri Blackstock, Jan Karon and Angela Benson. 

Non-fiction is even harder. I am currently reviewing Secrets of An Irresistible Woman by Michelle McKinney Hammond, Marriage Without Regrets by Kay Arthur and the Sacred Romance by John Eldridge. These authors always minister to my heart. Always.

Who are some authors you expect to feature in 2002?

Jan Karon (The Mitford Series) Sharon Ewel Foster (Riding Through Shadows), Liz Curtis Higgs (Book Ends), Denise Williamson (The Dark Sun Also Rises). 

For young adults more Stephanie Perry Moore and Yolanda Calliagari. That's a sneak peek but I won't say when what book will be featured so you have to join to stay in the know. 

There will also be others but we are still in the review process.

Thanks so much Ms. Woods for your time!



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