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Kimberley Brooks

Meet Kimberley Brooks
author of He's Fine ... But Is He Saved?

Born and raised in Detroit, Kimberley Brooks has had a passion for writing ever since she was a small child. It was not until Kim received Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior in 1995, became an active member of Word of Faith International Christian Center, and earnestly prayed about her purpose, did Kim discover that she was called to minister the gospel through the spoken and written word.

Kim earned her Bachelor of Art's degree in English from Michigan State University. She is also a graduate of Word of Faith Bible Training Center.

Kim is the Founder and President of Driven Enterprises, a company whose purpose is to spread the gospel as it pertains to living a victorious, purposeful life. Along with authoring books, Kim authors songs, poems, short stories, and raps.

As a single, sexually abstinent Christian, Kim's message to other single saints is that it is possible to live an exciting, uncompromising, drama-free, Spirit-led, victorious life!

Listen in as this emerging author who is called, "Terri McMillian with a twist" discusses her novel and what it means to be a single, saved and satisfied woman of God with GOOD GIRL Book Club.

Interview with Kimberley Brooks

GGBC: What compelled you to write He’s Fine...But Is He Saved?


KB: I've had a passion for writing ever since I was nine, and, amazingly, I've always written about "boys."  For my first novel, I wanted to write about relatable Christian women who sincerely desire to live a single life that is pleasing to God, but who, at the same time, live in a society filled with real challenges and temptations, and I wanted to show how these women handle those challenges.                                                                              


GGBC: With a sincere desire to be married, how can single women fulfill their dreams and be satisfied - without yet finding that perfect mate?


KB: The Word of God says, he that is unmarried careth for the things that belong to the Lord, how he may please the Lord (1 Corinthians 7:32), so the primary focus of an unmarried believer should be to, first, please God.  A single woman can be satisfied in knowing that her life, or shall I say her lifestyle, pleases God. 


Our Heavenly Manufacturer, God, created each and every one of us with a purpose in mind.  While we are single, our aim should be to please Him by obeying His Word, and by praying about our purpose. 


God has given every one of us a divine assignment, and finding a man was not one of them.  The Bible says, "He that findeth a wife findeth a good thing..." (Proverbs 18:22), so we, as women, don't have to be out here chasing men.  A man desiring a wife has the assignment of finding a wife himself.


As we please God, pray about our dreams, and begin to fulfill our destiny in Him, it is up to God to fulfill His promise when He says, "Delight thyself also in the Lord; and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart." (Psalm 37:4).  So if a woman desires to be married, all she has to do is give that desire to God, be about the Father's business, and, like the song says, "Let God do it!"


He's Fine ... But Is He Saved?GGBC: In which of the characters do you find yourself the most?


KB: Let's see -Sandy is a bubbly, naive, yet loveable babe in Christ who makes a lot of mistakes with men.  Liz is super-spiritual and thinks most men, except Jesus, are dogs.  Michelle is independent, mature in Christ, desires to be married but is not moping around until she gets one -I find myself most in Michelle.  She's goal-oriented, sought after by men, but she refuses to settle for less than God's best.  


GGBC: How can women live in sexual purity when they are constantly bombarded with self-images of promiscuity and minimized as nothing more than sex objects? 


KB: Women have to make the conscious, daily decision to STAND for righteousness. 


God said in His Word to be holy, for I am holy (1 Peter 1:16).  Because God told us to do it, He has given us the power to make sure that it can be done.  He has given us the Holy Ghost as our Comforter and Helper during those times of loneliness and temptation. 


The Word of God commands the unmarried believer to flee fornication, which means we are to run from it.  Though society throws sexual images in our faces daily, we, as Christian women, have to decide to STAND for what is right, and to do what God said.  We have to resist temptation by not putting ourselves in compromising situations that could lead to repentance in the morning.


For instance, if brotha fine calls you late at night to come over for "Bible Study", and you know that sex outside of marriage was a problem for you before you were saved (or maybe even after as well), DON'T invite him over.  The Bible says we are to give no place to the devil.  So don't invite brotha man in. 


GGBC:  What lessons and insight do you hope to share and instill with your readers?

Christianity is a lifestyle and is not just on Sunday mornings. 

Determining if the person you choose to date is saved should be #1 priority and not just an afterthought after you've been out with him a few times.

Just because a man is saved doesn't mean he is automatically the one for you.

Women don't have to chase men. 

Your girlfriends are supposed to be a source of encouragement and a refuge.


GGBC: How does the Word of God play a role in the decisions of each of the characters? 


Sandy, since she is a new Christian, doesn't know much Word.  Her living example of the Word of God is found in Michelle.  So, throughout the novel, Sandy asks, "What would Michelle do?" 

Michelle is a mature saint, meaning she knows the Word of God, and she has a personal relationship with Him.  Every decision that she makes, even during her first date with a saved man, she is asking God, "What do you think?"

Liz, since she is "super-saved," knows the Word, but she knows that she knows the Word so much to the point that she doesn't "get it" when others don't live up to a certain standard like she does.  She can be a bit overbearing and judgmental at times, because she thinks she knows all there is to know about being saved.


GGBC: Does a woman need a man to find true contentment?


KB: No, a woman does not need a man to find true contentment.  True happiness can only be found in a sincere, open and honest relationship with Jesus Christ.  The only true contentment is found in knowing that Jesus is truly your Lord, that your life is pleasing to Him, and that your steps are ordered by God.



GGBC: How can you date and remain abstinent in a sex-crazed society?


KB: Make sure that there is an understanding between you and the person you are dating that there will be no 'touchy-feely' going on during the date.  Also, I would encourage group dating, initially, or dating in public places.  I would encourage two people to be honest with yourselves and each other, and know your own limits. 

Some people can't stand to be in a room alone with the opposite sex without letting their imagination run wild.  And when thoughts turn into actions, though the initial intention may have been to remain pure, mistakes can happen.  I don't believe in the phrase, "things just happen."  To me, things are pre-meditated, an opportunity presents itself, and two people allow things to happen by refusing to put on the breaks.


GGBC: Should you wait on Mr. Right or merely settle for Mr. Right Now?


KB: Please wait on Mr. Right.  Anybody can have Mr. Right Now.  Mr. Right is God's best for your life.  Your Boaz, your mighty man of God.  The one that you've been praying for.  Mr. Right Now could be any body.  Mr. Right Now could be Pooky or Ray-Ray, or he could be broke, busted and disgusted. 


GGBC: How can you spot counterfeits that are, as you say in the book, “rich in looks but bankrupt in integrity?”


KB: Counterfeits are unique, since they can't be spotted right away.  Counterfeits are spotted as you observe their actions, with you and with others.  For example, if you are on a date with a Bible-totin', tongue-talkin' brotha who is fine as wine, and at a red light his right hand finds its way to caressing your thigh, he may be a counterfeit.  In other words, his actions don't line up with his words. 


GGBC: What is the difference between Christian dating and secular dating? 


KB: Christian dating is a more purposeful than secular dating.  The word "dating" comes from the root word "data," so the purpose of dating is to obtain information in order to determine if the person you are spending time with could be a potential mate (note the word "could be" -just because you date another saved man doesn't mean, instantly, that he's THE ONE). 


Secular dating, on the other hand, can be somewhat whimsical.  Boy likes girl and vice versa, so they go out on a "date."  After a few dates, the next step is the bedroom.  So now emotions get involved (more so for women than men) and the woman may be wondering, "does that mean he loves me now, or does he sleep around with just anybody?" 


The Word of God says to keep your heart with all diligence (Proverbs 4:23 ) and the word "keep" in the original Hebrew means to guard.  When your emotions lead in the relationship it is difficult to "guard" your heart.  This type of secular "dating" can be destructive and can ruin and/or clouds ones emotions and rational thought process.  It can also distract a believer who is praying to God about their calling in life, and it can stunt one's spiritual growth.           


GGBC: What advice would you give to women struggling to live chaste, lives free from illegitimate pregnancy, disease and guilt, while unable to fulfill their desire to be married? 


KB: I would advise them to continue to stay strong, and be encouraged.  The Words says you reap what you sow if you faint not, so don't faint!  During those times of temptation or loneliness, pick up the Word, pray, or call a girlfriend who will encourage you and not bring you down.  Though a pity party may come once in a while, don't invite it to stay.  Speak to yourself and say, "Self, I am a woman of destiny and purpose, and God will fulfill my desire to get married in due season!"  In the meantime, go and get busy for God!


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